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Tom's Guide - Networking

  • 6 Bare Metal Backup and Recovery Options
    We look at full disk backup and restore packages for Microsoft Small Business Server and Vista desktops to help you decide what's best for your networks and systems.
  • Take Your Storage Online
    We put 7 online storage sites to the test to see how they compare.
  • AT&T's VNC: Free Remote Computer Access
    AT&T offers its remote computer access software for an excellent price, free. The software is available for many operating systems including MS Windows and some mobile devices.
  • Carefree Music Streaming With The Logitech Wireless DJ Music System
    Mike Baggaley found that Logitech's latest wireless music streaming system handles DRM-protected files as easily as your own ripped music.
  • Mediagate MG-350HD: Multi-talented but multi-buggy
    Mike Baggaley started out liking Mediagate's combo HD media adapter/NAS. But in the end decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
  • Et Tu, Wi-Fi Alliance?
    Think yesterday's announcement about draft 11n product certification was a shocker? Tim Higgins thinks its just all about the Benjamins.
  • Maxtor builds performance, features into the Shared Storage II
    Jim Buzbee found that Maxtor's second-generation Shared Storage NAS has what it takes to compete with the new generation of higher-performance networked storage.
  • D-Link DSD-150: Good idea, flawed implementation
    Bill Meade takes D-Link's little all-in-one security box for a spin but finds that it promises far more than it delivers
  • Buffalo Technology LinkStation Pro: One Hot NAS!
    Tim Higgins finds that Buffalo's lastest incarnation of its popular LinkStation NAS sets new performance highs.
  • Networked Storage Charts - August 2006 Update
    It's been a busy month! Check out the latest changes and additions to our popular Networked Storage charts.
  • Qnap's TS-101 Aims High, But Falls Short
    Qnap has aimed its TS-101 "9-in-1" NAS squarely at Synology's DS-106e. But Jim Buzbee finds that Qnap still has some work to do if it wants to claim top honors.
  • Blackhat 2006: 'Bluebag' detects Bluetooth devices within 200 meters
    A pair of Italian hackers has created the lazy man's Bluetooth scanner by cramming eight Bluetooth dongles and a miniature computer into a rolling luggage case. While Bluetooth scanning has been around for a few years, the "BlueBag" case uses an extra omnidirectional antenna to prescan the area. The pair says the Bluebag can detect devices up to 200 meters (about 600 feet) away and can run for up to 10 hours without power.
  • DIY NAS Smackdown
    Bill Meade compares homebrew NASes using ClarkConnect, Ubuntu and Windows XP Pro and comes up with interesting and surprising results.
  • Defcon 2006: Hackers can work for the Feds - no degree required
    The great need for qualified computer security personnel is now forcing the government to rethink rigid hiring guidelines. At the Defcon computer security convention in Las Vegas, more than a dozen federal agents told attendees that traditional requirements like college degrees and polygraph tests were no longer strictly required for government employment.
  • Defcon 2006: Oracle not so "unbreakable"
    Your company's cleaning lady could be illegally moonlighting as your Oracle database administrator. Alexander Kornbrust, founder and CEO of Red Database Security, says hackers could easily exploit vulnerabilities in Oracle database and gain administrator access.
  • Video Streaming Need To Know: Part 2 - The Real World
    In the final Part 2 of this tutorial, Tim Higgins finds truth and lies about wireless streaming.
  • Blackhat 2006: Macbook hacked in a few seconds
    Security researchers speaking at the Blackhat computer security convention claim to have found a new vulnerability in wireless drivers. "Johnny Cache" and David Maynor talked about directly targeting the device drivers and then showed off a video that demonstrated an Apple Macbook being hacked. The pair said the vulnerability spans multiple wireless cards and operating systems.
  • Las Vegas braces for computer security gurus
    Thousands of computer security gurus and hackers are returning to Las Vegas this week for the Blackhat and Defcon conventions. Defcon's new home hotel, the Riviera, is bracing for computer problems and appears to have taken some pre-emptive action. A quick look at a casino Internet kiosk area shows disabled computers and missing ATM/Credit Card readers. Extra: Day 0 Image Gallery
  • Build a Cheap and Fast RAID 5 NAS
    Can a RAID 5 NAS that you make yourself outperform ready-made alternatives? Bill Meade finds out.
  • Slim Devices and Infrant Make Expensive Music Together
    Slim Devices has bundled its Squeezebox and Infrant's ReadyNAS NV to go after Sonos in the high-end, whole-house audio market. Jim Buzbee looks at the odds of their success.
  • A DIY SSL VPN with SSL-Explorer - Part 2
    In Part 2 of his DIY for creating an SSL VPN, Phillip Howell walks through configurations for remote file browsing and desktop access
  • The Smart Traveler's Guide to Data Theft Protection
    Your identity and other personal data can be much more vulnerable while on the road. Derek Boiko-Weyrauch shows you how not to be an easy mark.
  • A DIY SSL VPN with SSL-Explorer - Part 1
    SSL-based VPNs are fast replacing difficult-to-configure IPsec and PPTP gateways. In Part 1 of a two part series, Phillip Howell shows you how to turn a spare Windows PC into a pretty slick SSL VPN server.
  • Introducing! Interactive Networked Storage Charts
    Finally! A way to easily compare NAS products using the data from our in-depth reviews. Check it out!
  • Hauppauge's Media MVP: An Oldie but Goodie?
    Jim Buzbee found that this media adapter covers the basics, but lacks UPnP AV and wide format support.